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Stream Deck Classic / MKII / XL Profile

Stream Deck Mini Profile

*Available on the Stream Deck Plugin Store*


Q: Can I label the buttons?

A: Yes. The first time you install and run the Windows Shutdown Menu the profile will be read only (as required by the SDK). Just restart the Stream Deck Software and it will magically become editable.

Q: There was an update and now I have multiple Window Shutdown Menu Profiles?

A: Delete all Windows Shutdown Menu profiles. When you press the Windows Shutdown Menu Key again, it will ask you to install the profile, accept this profile install. Now you will only have one Windows Shutdown Menu profile!

*(Unfortunately, the Stream Deck SDK does not give developers a way to remove old profile versions.)

Windows Shutdown Menu

Displays the Windows Shutdown Menu Profile with options to shutdown, reboot, lock, Sleep*, Sign Out*, or cancel shutdown. Compatible with Stream Deck, Stream Deck MkII, Stream Deck XL, Stream Deck+, & Stream Deck Mini. 

*(Stream Deck Mini only supports shutdown, reboot, lock, sleep, or cancel).

Plugin includes the Windows Shutdown Menu profile.


Stream Deck Windows Shutdown Menu Plugin Settings

If your PC is Hibernating instead of sleeping, please follow the instructions below to disable hibernation. You only need to run this once: