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Adaptive Background - Day

Adaptive Background - Evening

Adaptive Background Animation of all backgrounds throughout a day.

Adaptive Background with Seconds

Adaptive Background 24 Hour Time Option with Seconds

Black Background

Custom Background Color

Custom Background Image

Time Only

Date Only

Day Only

*Available on the Stream Deck Plugin Store*


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  • Shows the time, date, day of week by default.

  • Uses your locale to display proper time/date/language format.

  • 12 & 24 hour time display option. (Overrides your locales default time format).

  • Information displayed is customizable. Options to show any combination of time, date, or day of week.

  • Optional "Seconds" display.

  • Adaptive background mode that changes hourly to reflect the time of day.

  • Backgrounds Options:

    • Adaptive background mode option.

    • Black background mode option.

    • Custom background mode. Custom background color, Custom text color, & Custom image. Select your colors or image in the settings!


  • Choose the information you wish to display.

  • Choose a background.

  • If choosing the custom background option, don't forget to set a color!