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Example Plugin in JavaScript

  • This is an example plugin in JavaScript.

  • This plugin has been stripped down to it's most basic functionality so that it is easier to get started creating your own plugins.

  • After installation, the plugin code can be found on Windows here: %appdata%\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins\com.krabs.example.sdPlugin

  • After installation, the plugin code can be found on Mac here: ~/Library/Application Support/com.elgato.StreamDeck/Plugins/com.krabs.example.sdPlugin

Debugging your JavaScript plugin

You can debug your JavaScript plugin and/or Property Inspector using Google Chrome's web developer tools. In order to do so, you first need to enable the HTML remote debugger in Stream Deck.

  • on macOS, you will need to run the following command line in the Terminal:

defaults write com.elgato.StreamDeck html_remote_debugging_enabled -bool YES

  • on Windows, you will need to add a DWORD html_remote_debugging_enabled with value 1 in the registry @ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elgato Systems GmbH\StreamDeck.

After you relaunch the Stream Deck app, you can open http://localhost:23654/ in Chrome, where you will find a list of 'Inspectable pages' (plugins). Inspecting your plugin is pretty straightforward: Click the reverse DNS name of your plugin and Chrome shows it's developer tools, where you can further inspect used components and log messages.