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Days Until Event

Days of Event w/ Overlay Only

Expired Event Example

Custom Image "Countdown" Example

Custom Image "Day Of" Example w/ Overlay

*Available on the Stream Deck Plugin Store*


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Days Until ___

  • Shows the number of days left until the date you set!

  • Customizable

    • Event text.

    • Colors.

    • Day of Event overlay image.

    • Custom image for "Day Of Event".

    • Turn Top Bar Banner off/on.

    • Custom Top Bar Banner Text (for language support and customization).

    • Change "Today" and "Tomorrow" text (for language support and customization).

  • <- That's not my real birthday, but send presents anyway.


  • Enter your Event Text for Line 1.

  • Enter your Event Text for Line 2.

  • In the Date of Event field, select the ▼ to select your date from a calendar or type your date in the appropriate fields.

  • (Optional) Configure your background and text color options.

  • (Optional) Select your "Day of Event" Overlay Icon.

  • (Optional) Set a Custom Background Image.